Monday, May 13, 2013

Your Truest Love

My darling,

You have to want Me more than anything else. More than anyone else. You have to want me more than some boy (or some girl), more than those people, more than that job, more than that calling, more than that happiness, more than that pleasure, more than those sins, more than the past, more than the future, more than the present...
Your whole being has to ache for Me and only Me or else you will never be satisfied and you will never be content and I will never feel real to you...
I am the most real thing that you can ever have! It's all those other things that are filling up your mind, body and soul with junk. Like junk food. What I give you is of substance and is lasting. I am the Bread  of Life. You have to eat and drink of what I give you, what I offer to you, everyday! Not just when you're dying of thirst and starvation but every single day that you need life and every single day that you need strength. There is a battle waging against you. You must take care of your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental self by proper nourishment.
Listen to Me.
I created you.
I knew you from the beginning.
Let me keep you as my treasure.
Let me bless you.
All I ask is that you are Mine and no one else's. I am a jealous God with a big heart. I want to give you more of my heart but first you must surrender it over to me...

You are so precious to Me.

-Your Truest Love.
(May 13, 2013)

This Is New

I created this blog a long while ago and had no real idea what I would use it for... but now I know what I will be using it for.
Solace. Just listening to His words that He is speaking everyday.
My goal is to post everyday (hopefully.)

I know how important it is for me to be reading His word everyday. I need His companionship just like I need companionship with people. It is my life source. It is what keeps me going and keeps me going strong. I honestly do not know where I would be without His grace and mercy. It literally takes my breath away with how He can forgive us every single day and there is no grudge, there is no change of opinion, there is no smug looks; there is just love. Just love pouring out onto us and all we have to do is reach our hands up and grab some of it and allow ourselves to accept it and soak in it.
I love getting letters from people no matter how short or how simple. I seriously save every letter or card I get from people... God knows this about me and that's why I know He speaks to me through His word and through His speaking to my heart as I write it all down. So that's what this blog will be, just words written simply.
Now, I just want to say upfront that I am human and sometimes I will make mistakes (because I definitely have made them in the past) so I just ask that you remember that as you read what I write and what I say.



Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brand New

First blog post.
Second blog.

Well, we'll see what this blog comes to become. Probably descriptive words painted out in a visualizing way so as to make you think you can see through my eyes and hear my thoughts (creepy you.) Maybe I'll put up some of my pictures. "I want to be a photographer too!" (That was a tiny dose of sarcasm, fyi.) Hey, there will also be some tips on how to do awesome things. (Like swimming?) If I feel like it, I will tell you what I want to do with my life. (And then hopefully do it.)

I'm kind of random. Maybe you caught onto that. I don't know. I'm not a mind-reader. (Just kidding. I am.)

Read on!

ps. Here's my other blog. It's cool too. Draw Me a Map